Diet Can Cause Hair Loss

Today, there are many solutions for hair loss, but not all of them will work the same way for each person. For most people, hair transplant surgery is not an option due to the price. There are some medications that you can also try. Whether you take such extreme measures or not, you can also improve the health of your hair by eating a healthy diet and taking certain supplements. It is important to avoid certain activities and foods as they may cause hair to fallout much more quickly. We’ll be exploring some of these dietary factors that affect hair loss in this article.

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Food that you eat that is considered unhealthy may also be detrimental to your hair. Any type of food that has a lot of fat or sugar in it is actually unhealthy in most cases. The same holds true for your hair in that what is bad for your body is also bad for it. Foods that tend to raise the blood sugar level, which include sweets and carbohydrates such as white flour, pasta and rice can contribute to hair loss. As long as you are eating lots of whole grains, and staying away from carbohydrate-based products, you will do well. It’s also best to avoid unhealthy fats like junk and fast foods.

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It is necessary to drink green tea for health purposes, and also to promote hair growth. You can take the supplement in a variety of ways. It comes in tablets and capsules, or you can drink several cups of green tea everyday. This you can begin to stop your hair loss by drinking green tea because it has a DHT blocker. DHT is the main chemical that causes hair loss in people who have hereditary baldness. If you want to be healthy, just drink green tea! It has high levels of antioxidants which can help you stay young. It can protect the organs from many diseases and can even be helpful for weight loss. Are you caffeine sensitive? If so, you can drink decaffeinated green tea or take the supplement in pill form.

Many people will take herbs that have medicinal properties in regard to hair loss, similar to what vitamin and mineral supplements are supposed to do. Chinese medicine is a great resource for finding out what herbs will actually help in this area. There are two in particular. The first herb is called Angelica or Dong Quai. This is a natural blocker of DHT, the hormone that causes hair loss. If you want to prevent gray hair and hair loss, the other herb Fo-Ti is a Chinese herb that is very useful in these areas. An herb more familiar to Westerners is Saw Palmetto. Men that have prostate problems are often told to take Saw Palmetto. it blocks the hormone DHT very effectively.

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If you have hair loss problems, changing your diet can sometimes help prevent more hair from falling out. Your hair needs certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to grow, and if you’re lacking in any of these, it can contribute to hair loss. After you identify what is causing your hair loss, you will be able to take the necessary steps to slow it down or reverse the process entirely.

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