Natural Masks To Grow Long Hair

In the previous article “best shampoo for hair loss”, I discussed some of factors that you most take on consideration to choose your perfect shampoo, now I am going to talk about the advantages of using a mask before or even after your shower depending on the type of your hair , because most of you desire a healthy long hair, men or women, I wrote this article for you not because I am a doctor or a hair care expert but because I have experience , a Moroccan quote says : “ ask who had experience not a doctor “ so ask me !

Now apply those golden rules before you intended to use a mask and you will be surprised by the results :

The firste golden rule : Massage your scalp

Daily scalp massages have been proven to be a very effective hair growth aid and they REALLY boost hair growth. Just like our skin, our scalp wants to be pampered and moisturized. Good circulation is a vital component within the natural hair growth journey and scalp massages are enjoyable way to relax and boost your hair’s ability to grow.

The second one : add gelatin

Add gelatin, which is a natural product, to your favorite drinks and sauces to improve the texture of your hair. now, after you get that habbit of those 2 golden rules you can use a mask to improve your hair growth .

Masks for hair care that have moisturizing properties whose impact is rapid . Two ranges are obtainable: the mask before shampooing and mask once shampooing. In each cases , they serve to revive an ailing mane . But more for a mask before shampooing is that you'll leave for extended ( thirty minutes) and also the formula works well on dry hair. 

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

For whom? The one suspects a mask before shampoo is not suitable for greasy hair . Rather, it's advisable to dry and broken hair that desires more care than a deep conditioner in the shower. Additionally, your hair is curly, straight or curly , it changes nothing : you'll be able to apply a mask before shampoo while not problem , whatever the character of your hair.

Therefore apply your mask once per week to restore the shine to your damaged hair. If your hair is terribly broken , create a mask every shampoo ( two to 3 times per week) till they realize their vitalities . Put on the whole length or just split ends , simply avoid the roots to avoid excessive grease hair. Attach them and then leave on thirty minutes , at best an hour to deeply nourish .

Once your mask well posed, go within the shower to shampoo thoroughly by removing any residue, Bet on a rather mild shampoo as a result of shampoo twice past can always be better than a hyper-aggressive shampoo used once. You'll then visit your usual conditioner for further care. During rinsing, you do not would like to feel "matter" in your hair. If you're feeling a little bit sticky is because that you have not rinsed completely.  

After knowing the advantages of masks, i'll present you this easy mask that you can do easily and from your kitchen.

Banana and Avocado Mask :

Best Shampoo For Hair Loss

It does not seem in the least appetizing, however you are not speculated to eat. Instead, brush your hair in this rich mask to scale back its brilliance. 
One medium banana one egg one/a pair of avocado 2 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons buttermilk 3 tablespoons of additional virgin olive oil .
Mash banana, egg and avocado in an exceedingly little bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix. Apply to hair from roots to ends. Leave for 30 minutes, then wash with a moisturizing shampoo. Double the recipe for long hair. Use twice a month to take care of healthy hair.

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